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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Twitter Snippets (3 May 2017) - !!!Choreography Collaboration Time!!!

The Taiko Team taking a Golden Week-sized hiatus doesn't mean that the official Taiko sources can't have some collaboration-fueled silliness in-between! Today's spotlighted tweet is about another of those times...

By heading to Bandai Namco's Japanese Youtube channel is now possible to spot an original choreography for t+pazolite's !!!Chaos Time!!!, the always-popular Namco Original. The performance is planned and executed by the idol assembly COJIRASE THE TRIP, an odorite unit (Nicovideo slang term for users/groups of people who dance to songs and upload them online).

While the embeded tweet has only a 1-minute preview, the embeded video below contains the whole thing! Have fun.

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